Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church - 65 Fox Street - Heritage House Tour 2023

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church - 65 Fox Street  

Open for viewing 12 - 4 pm


Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is the oldest worshiping Lutheran Congregation in Canada. Construction began in 1770 and was dedicated in 1772 with the arrival of the first pastor, Rev. Frederick Schultz.  In 1835 Rev. Charles Cossmann began his long and colourful pastorate of 41 years, during which a second building was constructed on this site.

The cornerstone of the present High Victorian Gothic Church was laid in 1890. The taller of the two towers is topped by a belfry and spire that dominate Lunenburg’s skyline. The large stained glass window in the south wall, a memorial to Rev. Cossmann, contains a large rosette, and in the central panel is the imposing figure of the church Reformer, Martin Luther. Beneath him is the inscription in German: “Heir stethe ich, ich ann nicht anders” which translates to “Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise.”

One of the treasures of the church is the St. Antoine-Marie bell, sent to the Fortress of Louisbourg by Louis XV in 1735. The fortress fell to the British in 1758, and the bell was purchased at auction by the Lutherans in 1776.  It was used for 200 years, and is now kept in the sanctuary. In 2022, Zion Lutheran celebrated its 250 anniversary and a prayer labyrinth was constructed in the garden. 

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