Lunenburg Opera House - 290 Lincoln Street - Heritage House Tour 2023

Lunenburg Opera House  (1908)

290 Lincoln Street 

The Lunenburg Opera House was built in 1908 by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Architect Leslie Fairn introduced a sloped floor system with curved laminated beams and innovative ceiling trusses to create the large open theatre. The building’s facade, with Edwardian neoclassical styling, has a large bracketed pediment, wide corner pilasters and belt cornices which define the lobby, balcony and upper floor levels. It served as a concert and live theatre venue until the 1930s when it was converted into a cinema and renamed the Capitol Theatre. In 1983 and again in 2005 private owners attempted to improve the building and reintroduce live performances. Many Lunenburgers fondly remember events such as the Gordon Lightfoot concert during this era. The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society acquired the Opera House in 2019 with the generous assistance of the Fordi Family Foundation and the late Susan and Guenther Reibling. They now annually host 40+ events featuring folk music, opera, film, comedy and community music. About half the building is currently not usable and the Society is working on a major restoration and revitalization plan. 

Many thanks to owner Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival Society and its Lunenburg Opera House Team


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