70 Cumberland St. (Kaulbach-Oxner House) - Heritage House Tour 2023

Kaulbach-Oxner House on the Green – Circa 1840 

70 Cumberland Street

Joshua Kaulbach acquired this property, directly across from the public use land called The Parade, and construction of the house was completed between 1835 and 1840 by shipbuilder John Young.  It is frame construction with pitched roof and originally had heavy moulded hoods above the windows, ornamental brackets under the returned eaves, and an ornate veranda on the side of the house which enclosed two large five-sided bay windows.  The veranda was removed, but one of the bay windows still exists, and the other was remodeled into an enclosed back porch. The offset dormer in the roof was added later. The two large chimneys were completely rebuilt from the basement to the third-floor rooftop, and they served the eight fireplaces, two of which have marble fronts and mantels. 

Inside, a wide central hallway leads to a unique three storied stairway, which includes a rose compass as part of the newel post. There is decorative plasterwork, impressive woodwork on doors and door casings, original handmade shutters on the windows, and on the third floor, possibly the first bathroom with indoor flushing toilet in Lunenburg.  One main floor room was made into a kitchen, and one of the second-floor rooms was converted to a bathroom. The basement area housed the summer dining room, large kitchen, dumb waiter as well as a now fully restored open cooking hearth and beehive bake oven. The third floor has extensive views of Lunenburg Harbour and St. John’s church.

Many thanks to owner Karen Anderson

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