Knaut-Rhuland House Renewal Campaign


Knaut Rhuland House

The Knaut-Rhuland House Renewal Campaign started in October 2021. We would like to thank our gracious donors.

Through the roof! – $1,000 and up

It is our pleasure to have helped a little in the future planning for the KRH. We think it is a vital part of telling Lunenburg’s story.
Donors: Heather and Jim Lockhart

J.D. Eisenhauer, agl Group Holdings Limited
Adams & Knickle Ltd.
Alex Astbury, Red Door Realty
Lunenburg Community Consignment Volunteers
Marguerite Hubbard Charitable Foundation

Colin Carroll, BBTN Ltd.
Heather & Jim Lockhart
South Shore Ready Mix Ltd.
Lauralene and Paul Van Loon

Upper Floors – $500 to $999

It is important to know how Lunenburg came to be so next generations appreciate how hard our ancestors worked to establish the place we all call home.
Donor: Jessica Desrochers

Inge Hatton
Phyllis Jacklin
Pamela Barker
Patricia Nicoll

Susan Kashanski
Bernard MacIsaac
Nathalie Irving

Jessica Desrochers, Exit Realty
LHS Board Member
Anonymous (3)

Foundation – up to $499

It is important to maintain Lunenburg’s “treasures” and historic town “look”.
Donors: Robert & Patricia Rutherford

Anke Holm, Keller Williams Select Realty
Lunenburg Foundry and Engineering Ltd.
Al Mosher, Keller Williams Select Realty
Claire Overs, Viewpoint Realty
Heather & Greg Towndrow, BMR Hardware
Robert & Patricia Rutherford

Michal Crowe
Alison David
Catherine Collins
Paula Rennie
CIBC Lunenburg
Kathy Bradford
Elise Dufour

Sara Middlebrooks
Murdell Hall
Sandy & Germaine Marshall
William Brooks
Wendy Hart
Gillian Osmond
Anonymous (3)

Please say thank-you to our donors and visit the businesses that support this historically valuable Lunenburg house.